Monday, 22 May 2017

Term 2: Week 4 Learning

Inquiry this week is our last week of finding out in our inquiry before we start sorting it out. We have a few experiments to do this week. We will be putting an egg into vinegar and seeing what happens to the egg. All the students will have to say a prediction of what they think will happen on Monday. On Thursday we will be exploring popcorn kernels and what happens when they get hot and why.

In writing this week we are focusing on sequencing out stories in order. We will be reading books and discussing how they have a beginning, middle and end. I will introduce a 3 picture plan with the students for them to use when planning their writing. Where they will plan the beginning of the writing, middle and end of their stories. Along with this, we will discuss different words they could use for starting the sentence to help their story flow.

In Maths we will be continuing working on skip counting in 2's forwards and backwards to 20 for our warm up into Maths. Along with this in our maths groups, we will be working on identifying and recognising patterns to 10 (7 + 3, 6 + 4) and adding tens (10 + 7, 9 + 10) depending on their ability.

This week we will be talking about what learning we are going to be sharing in our celebration afternoon/evening on Wednesday. The students will be picking the pieces of work that they are most proud of and choosing a Maths game they would like to share and a few other pieces of work. We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Wednesday school is finishing at 12:30
Celebration of Learning Wednesday Afternoon/Evening

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Term 2: Week 3 Learning

Inquiry this week we will be continuing to look at the change, but the chemical changes. On Tuesday we are making Slime and talking about the changes that happen. We will discuss what our Aim is, and after making the Slime, we will reflect what we have done and if there are any changes we would like to make next time.

This week in Maths as a warm up each day we are going to work on skip counting to 20 by 2's. Along with this, we will be continuing working with the numbers up to 20 and knowing the number that comes before and after, identifying and ordering them. We will also be looking at different ways to make 10, using addition and adding ten (depending on their ability). 

With our Big Book this week, we are focusing on sequencing the story and processing the information we have read. We will also be discussing the meaning behind the book. In our reading groups, we are looking at the different read strategy, to help understand what we have read and decoding an unknown word. Each group will be working on different strategies depending on their ability. 
Image result for reading strategies menu for kids
This week is our last week we will be working on kicking passing and dribbling a soccer ball. Talk to your child about what part of their foot they should use and get outside with them to show you what they have learnt. 


  • Library Wednesday 
  • Assembly Friday at 2:20 pm 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Term 2 Week 2: Learning

Heading into Week 2, I am hoping your child is buzzing about our Inquiry 'Change'. We have started and will continue working this week on unpacking what a Solid and Liquid is. We are going to be looking at the change in water from a liquid to a solid and solid to a liquid. As a class, we will discuss if they are a temporary or a permanent change.

In Maths this week we are going to be working with the numbers up to 20 (depending on their ability) and knowing the number that comes before and after. We will be focusing on identifying and ordering these numbers. Along with this, we are focusing on the days of the week and Months of the year, knowing what comes before and after.

Writing this week we are going to be writing about our experience out on the Bike Track. 
We will be focusing on the children 
  • coming up with their own sentence/story
  • putting their story into order
  • starting sentences with different beginnings
  • adding words or a sentence to their story
  • re-reading their story to a buddy once they have finished 

Along with this, we will be refocusing the children to go back and check their writing.

This week for PE we are going to be focusing on Kicking Skills. We will be working with B4 on different drills and coordination skills to improve our ability to kick a soccer ball. We aim to go out 3 times a week this term to work on our ball skills.

Library Wednesday
Bring your Bikes or Scooters in on Thursday
Learning Celebration Wednesday 24th May (Make sure you have booked a time slot)

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Week 1: Inquiry

Today we had a Scientist come to see our Vertical Learning Team. He shares some BANGS, FIZZES and POPS with us. 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Term 2 Week 1: Learning

Welcome back to school after a lovely Easter and Holiday. I hope you all had some good family time and all rested up for another amazing, busy filled term.

This term our Injury focus is the 'Material World'. We will be learning that the world is made up of different 'matters'.  We will be looking into the different changes, such as physical and chemical change and reflect if they are a temporary or a permanent change.  Some of the experience we are going to look into involves bubbles, popcorn, eggs, paper, water, and ingredients you can find in your households. This week we will be looking at the changes with a egg, from a liquid to solid

This science focus leads us into report writing. We will be spending some time learning about report writing along with other styles of writing. Our main focus in writing this term is
  • Writing with detail 
  • Putting our stories in order 
  • Using words I know 
  • Starting sentence with different beginnings
  • Adding to our writing 
  • Re-reading my writing 
In Maths this term we will be continuing working on number knowledge, place value, skip counting, double and factions. This week we are working on doubles along with our number knowledge

This term, we are going to be developing our ball skills with catching, throwing, kicking and bouncing.

Wednesday: Library Day 
Thursday: Bring your scooters or bikes, as we will be going out on the Bike Track 
Friday: Whole School Assembly start at 2:20 pm

Monday, 10 April 2017

Week 11: Learning

Wow, it's the end of the term. This week we will be doing lots of fun Easter Activities. These will be related to their Reading, Writing and Maths. Along with this, we will be continuing our reading like normal. We are going to be focusing on understanding the story and telling the story back order.

In writing, we are going to be writing a letter to Easter Bunny. We will be talking about what a Letter should have in it and how we will write it. We will bring them on with us on Thursday to leave for Easter Bunny. 

In Maths we will be going over a few of the different things we have learnt this term. We will be re-capping on ordering numbers to 20, counting forwards and backwards, knowing the numbers that come before and after to 20 and Addition and Subtraction problems to 10. 

We are going to do a little bit of art this week to go with our Easter Theme. We will be focusing on fine motor skills with colouring in and use scissors correctly. 

Week 10: Bike Track

This we got to escape the bad weather and get outside onto the bike track. The kids loved it and they built their confidence on it. We even had a few learn to ride a 2 wheeler, without trainer wheels.